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I’ve been shooting the UK larp scene for a couple of years now, and editing ones photos is good for the soul.

So I picked my favorite ten. Two solid evenings of killing my darlings.

But you know what? I’m really proud of these. Both because I made them, and because we made them. I’m not going to start playing geek supremacy games - just going to quietly point at the above, and ask anyone to deny with a straight face that larp can look pretty damn good.

It’s not just looking good that made me pick these, though - it’s the stories they tell - layered stories, at that. I hope that comes across to people who aren’t me, and perhaps even those who’ve never larped before (although some details, like the sawn-off horns, will mean more to those who know the game in question).

At any rate, consider this something of a retrospective - I recently realised that I was in danger of spending my time obsessing over, and buying, gear - so I’ve resolved to stick with what I have until my next birthday (about 11 months). I don’t intend to stop improving, though, so I guess I can consider this a baseline to work from.

Oh, and I’ve finally got my website into a state I’m happy with - you can find it at tgarnett.com.